Left Brain+Right Brain=Dreamentia

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Dreamentia’s dual personality of both right-brained Creative (A) and left-brained Strategic (B) provides a balanced approach for its clients and associates.


According to the State of California:

Dreamentia, Inc. is a Los Angeles-based company that develops, produces, manages, creates, and markets all forms of advertising.

But while that may be a sufficient description for Sacramento, the EDD, and the IRS, we find that it barely scratches the surface of what we’re really made of, how we really think, and why we really believe in what we do.

So allow us to further elaborate.

We are Dreamentia Creative Laboratories, a Los Angeles Ad Agency based in DTLA that specializes in strategic advertising, marketing, and branding. We’re also the epitome of the anti-agency.

Egos have been checked at the door. Robotic answering-machine voices have been chucked out the window. And the doors to every office have been plucked from the walls and used to fuel the fire that burned the rules of how an agency should be run. Dreamentia understands that we’re different from other agencies and with that comes a different approach.

We spend our time thinking about creative ways to push your brand towards the hundreds of millions of people roaming the world. Whether we’re doing it through TV, print, outdoor, email, or the interactivity of the Internet, you can bet that we’ll create a unique game plan that’s tailored to your brand.

Because, like agencies, no two brands are the same.

Dreamentia Creative Laboratories :: Los Angeles Ad Agency