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When it comes to the health + wellness industry, feeling good begins with a marketing program that cares as much about the customer as it does about the brand.

Today’s consumers are embracing a healthier, more mindful lifestyle: they’ve redefined the meaning of “health & wellness” from simply being sick-free to being holistically fit in mind, body, and emotions, and their demand and willingness to pay for specific products/services that align with this ideal have skyrocketed. In fact, the Global Wellness Institute reports that health & wellness is one of the fastest growing industries with an estimated market of $3.7 trillion. Having grown by 10.6% from 2013 to 2015 alone, this industry is expected to multiply exponentially in the coming years as it welcomes and expands to new sectors as Wellness Tourism, Wellness Lifestyle Real Estate, and Workplace Wellness.

In order to stay relevant in this developing industry, health & wellness companies must be transparent about their values and offerings. They should exude genuine care for their consumers while adapting to their ever-changing tastes and preferences. Not to mention, they must keep their pulse on industry trends and come up with new ways to differentiate themselves from other players in the industry.

This is where marketing and advertising can help.

a. How can we help your Health & Wellness Business?

According to PwC’s Strategy&, this new health & wellness market—also considered the wellcare ecosystem—is the amalgamation of the health, food, and beauty industries in response to “changing consumer demands, discretionary health spending, and global technology platforms”. Consumers’ specific health & wellness goals also influenced the industry, thus altering the way they want to communicate with brands.

At Dreamentia, we’ve used our marketing expertise to help self-care, alternative medicine, nutritional supplement, and other wellness brands carve their place in the market. We have seen the industry develop, have catered to a wide range of tastes and habits, and have strategized capturing the right audience, giving us the right tools to leverage YOUR health & wellness company. We apply our knowledge, creativity, and background in the industry to not only create memorable products—from logos to websites, flyers to email marketing, and even packaging design to events & giveaways—but also convey your values and contributions to the health & wellness community.

Take a look at what we can do for you by visiting our Services page.

b. What Is It Like Marketing For Health & Wellness Companies?

We’ve helped local, national, global, and web-based brands like The DEN Meditation, reVITAIivLIFE, and Shinkafa reach their greatest potential in health & wellness. We develop traditional, non-traditional, and digital marketing campaigns to help distinguish them as leaders in the industry, further promote health & wellness values, and foster a supportive, active community seeking similar services and products.

Read more about our approaches and methodologies in our Case Studies page and Our Lab page.

c. Ready To Market Your Health & Wellness Business?

We can’t wait to showcase your health & wellness business to the world! If you’re ready to take your marketing/advertising program to the next level, just call us at (213) 347-6000, or fill out the short contact form below to schedule a FREE consultation.



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