( praw-dukt • pah-kij-ing • dee-zyne ) n. 1. The art and science of displaying a product and its values in a captivating, unique way; 2. How one stands out in the crowd.

To many, the package is the product.

It’s the first thing your customer will see. And it’s often the only thing that differentiates you from rows and rows of your competition. From design to colors, to shape and size, to texture and materials, a product’s package shapes both the consumer’s product expectations as well as their brand perceptions.

Roughly 70% of all purchase decisions are made at the point of sale. That means your product has the ability to sell itself, in a matter of speaking, right at the moment of in-store decision. With that in mind, one would suspect packaging design to be at the top of most product’s lists. But surprisingly, it is package design that often falls victim to budget cuts and corner-cutting after so much time and effort has already been invested in development, R&D, and distribution.

Packaging can be designed specifically to appeal to your target. There is obvious value to a great package design, as targeted design can lead directly to increased sales; strong recognition can lead to repeat and loyal customers; and quality design can lead to satisfaction guaranteed. Packaging conveys an extraordinary amount of information to consumers about the product and the brand. And it does it all in a split second.

Think of it as instant messaging, in the aisle.

a. What We Do

Design brand-centric one-of-a-kind encasements for a variety of products that will charm buyers from the shelf.

Go to the supermarket and take a look at the items displayed in an aisle: How many colors do you see? What kinds of designs are stamped on them? What shape do the products take? What relevant information is included? These are just some of the things that we consider when crafting the containers, boxes, wraps, or labels our clients place their products inside of.

b. Why You Need It

Your package is a direct reflection of your brand. It goes without saying that how you present your product to the consumer will have a direct effect on whether or not they’ll choose to reach for it—no matter how new, revolutionary, or breakthrough it happens to be. With the right product packaging, you can sell out your inventory and:


Court Your Customers

Give your customers something to look at, and then fall in love with, while supporting and reinforcing your brand.


Stand Out From the Crowd

Find your product’s visual voice, one that’s unique and distinctive, and then let it sing loud and proud from the shelves.


Educate and Illuminate

Educate consumers about your product and your brand with information that describes, explains, and intrigues.

c. How Can We Do It For You?

Whether you’re launching an entirely new product line from scratch, or reworking a current one, packaging plays an incredibly important role upon its success or failure. From bottles to boxes, we’ve helped design and produce packaging for hair and body products, fast food establishments, and vitamin and supplement companies. How can we help you?

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