( soh • shul • mee • dee • uh ) n. 1. the act of becoming socially acceptable and relevant to one’s consumer base; 2. Communicating directly with customers; 3. Being so transparent that it hurts.

In the new order of the social world, perception really is reality.

Social media management is about building relationships by listening and having a two-way conversation with the consumer. Instead of selling in the traditional way, something of value is delivered so that consumers find the brand relevant to their lives. We believe that trust and transparency are the two most important elements for a brand to embrace, as one cannot exist without the other. And sometimes they both require a leap of faith by a brand, as relinquishing a certain amount of brand-control now comes with the territory.

Today’s social consumer isn’t as receptive to a brand’s traditional one-way advertising message as they once were. They’re savvier, don’t respond well to unsolicited or overly promotional messages in their social networks, are overly skeptical about a brand’s motives, and scatter into the woodwork the moment they feel taken advantage of. Yet they expect brands to be present and active, to provide good stuff, and to listen to feedback – both negative and positive – all the while creating an environment in which they feel a sense of belonging.

A well-run social media campaign puts the brand in a positive light with the consumer. A poorly managed campaign can do a whole heap o’ damage. And that’s often a fine line between the two.

So, while perception is reality in the social world, the public owns the perception – thus owning reality. Which means, our job is to help brands take control by knowing the audience, communicating with them on their terms, delivering to their needs, and doing it in a transparent, honest, and welcoming way.

We get it. And we’re here to help. Social skills at your service.

a. What We Do

Competitively engage live audiences with authentic, relevant, and honest content.

Love it or hate it, brands can’t live without it — so you might as well do it right. You can use our social media services to build loyalty, create a legitimate community, and generate buzz around your brand. We can also help you drive sales through targeted social channels. Social media suddenly doesn’t seem so scary, huh?

b. Why You Need It

Your social media pages are no longer luxuries; they’re another face of your business, making social presence a necessity in today’s world. A social strategy with properly crafted and maintained channels enable you to:


Tell a Story

Display content that’s true to your brand’s culture and values, while still touching your audience’s hearts (and funny bones)


Strategize with Data

Use metrics and analytics to deliver the right content to your target audience at the right time, and increase engagement natively, rather than paying for fans


Educate and Engage

Simple and non-obtrusive messages allow your audience to ingest information easily and respond with limited effort

c. How Can We Do It For You?

We’ve helped local restaurant chains, beauty brands, and animal hospitals (to name just a few) each build out their respective online community in ways that have allowed them to increase brand recognition, educate their customers, as well as create new opportunities for conversions – all through the magic of social media. There’s more to social media posts than “likes”, “comments”, and funny cat videos (although who doesn’t love cute animals?), and we’re ready to start building and /or growing your community in an engaging and appropriate way.

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