( dye-rect • mayl • mahr-keh-ting ) n. a far-reaching approach to marketing that delivers a product or service into mailboxes of a certain region

Contrary to what you may have heard, direct mail is far from dead.

You’ve heard the rumors – the Internet killed direct mail. Well, we’re here to put that rumor to bed, and officially announce that direct mail is alive and well, and thriving in many-a-mailbox.

True, direct mail response rates have dropped over the past decade, but they still perform substantially higher than traditional email, with a 4.4% response rate compared to a 0.12% for email – or the equivalent of 10 to 30 times higher performance. And those are lively numbers, to say the least. Email is so cost-effective to send that self-proclaimed “marketers” simply cram inboxes with unsolicited garbage, hoping a handful will stick. Direct mail takes a targeted approach, making collateral much more acceptable and often welcome when it arrives through the mail slot.

Plus, it’s tangible. People like things that are real. That they can touch. And they love getting mail in the mailbox. Nearly 60% of consumers say direct mail makes them feel more valued and creates a more lasting impression than email. Who doesn’t appreciate flipping through the variety of items delivered by the postman, anticipating something special lying within?

Ok, ok, we’re not here to bash email marketing, but we are here to remind you that direct mail still works, and it works exceptionally well. Even with Millennials, who are rumored to love anything digital and reject all-things analog. Would it surprise you to know that 95% of Millennials love to check their physical mailboxes every day? And in a world where handwritten notes are few and far between, that’s a real opportunity to make a physical connection with both young and old in a clutter-filled world of marketing messages.

a. What We Do

Combine artful design with strategic planning to deliver your products directly to physical mailboxes.

There is something to be said about opening a mailbox, reaching into it, and grabbing the contents inside. Getting the mail is often seen as a chore or mundane task; but we want to make it a more exciting experience, with colorful graphics and 2-D fanfare, like opening a present.

b. Why You Need It

Consumers love getting mail. Physical, real mail. Yet on a daily basis, the average home receives less than three pieces of physical mail compared to the sometime hundreds of emails they’re bombarded. Now add the fact that its highly targetable and delivered by the trusted USPS, and your direct mail marketing campaign can:


Create A Connection

Provide your messaging and offers in a format that recipients can physically touch, see, review, and follow-through from.


Reach Your Target

Utilize the trusted and time-tested USPS to distribute your messaging to specific people in specific places, right down to the zip code.


Get a Response

Direct mail has a response rate of 5.3% compared to 2 to 3% click-through rates for email. Pretty lively for a tactic considered dead and buried.

c. How Can We Do It For You?

Even the best messaging still requires the right list, the right design, and the right schedule. We’ve handled direct mail campaigns for both local as well as national recipients, and have created messaging from basic promotions to custom invitations to refrigerator magnets and beyond. From brand awareness to promotional offers, we’re ready to help you put your message right in the hands of your target audience.

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