After establishing themselves as one of the premier animal hospitals in Southern California, the Advanced Veterinary Specialists vamp up their website.

SANTA BARBARA, CA – From its birth in 2012, The Advanced Veterinary Specialists (AVS) aimed to open the most technologically advanced animal specialty hospital for its pet patients of Santa Barbara. Born from the vision of veterinarians and veterinary architects, AVS strove to be the best at what they do by creating the highest quality, most optimally functioning environment possible from the ground up. AVS succeeded in turning their vision into a reality and is now one of the only facilities of its kind in Santa Barbara.

AVS sought out Dreamentia Inc., a Downtown Los Angeles based creative agency based on their work with the Animal Specialty Group (ASG) out of Los Angeles, California. Dreamentia’s 5-year relationship with ASG has given them the expertise needed to properly market a specialty hospital. While AVS and ASG share the fact that they are animal specialty hospitals, they pose different challenges due to the fact that AVS serves a unique audience in Santa Barbara.

“AVS wants to exceed expectations by creating interpersonal relationships with patients and getting involved in Santa Barbara. A renewed website will help patients feel welcome before even walking in the doors” states Sr. Account Executive, Jameca Lyttle

AVS entrusted Dreamentia with reinforcing their online presence in order to properly showcase the quality of service provided by the hospital. Dreamentia was tasked with creating custom photography, shot by esteemed photographer Laurie Bailey, while also populating the site with new and revived content. Doctors and dentists are now individually showcased, each with their own personal and professional bios. Custom photography personalizes the hospital, garnering trust between doctors and patients.

The work done for AVS by Dreamentia has given them a renewed sense of authority in the industry, further establishing them as the premiere animal specialty hospital in Santa Barbara. AVS continues to push the boundaries by providing ongoing education for new and current staff members in order to provide their patients with the most educated, quality care possible in areas like surgery, oncology, cardiology, internal medicine in an environment where visitation is encouraged and compassion stands in the forefront. Charlie, a patient at AVS, boasts, “it was a long wait, but the state of the art, emergency 24 hour pet hospital [Santa Barbara] needed is finally here”.

Dreamentia is proud of the work, and honored to be a partner to such a passionate group of people at AVS. For more information about AVS and to check out their new and improved website Updated Website