Dreamentia cooks up a sweet new online identity for Culver City’s innovative home-style bakery.

LOS ANGELES, CA – Mmmm. Smell that?

It’s the fresh batch of logos, letterhead and web designs Dreamentia Creative Laboratories has cooked up for Cookie Casa, an innovative bakery located on the west side of Los Angeles in Culver City.

Cookie Casa began as the dream of founder Erin H. Zabel, who, after plenty of pesterings from her family and friends, finally chased the scent of entrepreneurship into her kitchen, where cookies and tasty treats had been filling her family’s oven since she was a child.

“My great grandmother started our family’s baking tradition while living in Spain,” Zabel mentioned. “She’s also responsible for our famous holiday season cookie, the Rosco,” which is a Spanish cookie rolled in cinnamon and sugar.

Using only the finest ingredients, Cookie Casa’s concoctions include everything from the inventive Rosco to traditional Chocolate Chip cookies. They also churn out unbelievable cakes and mouth-watering cupcakes, and are always available to provide gift baskets for parties big and small.

So what are you waiting for? Follow your nose to Cookie Casa’s online kitchen.

Your sweet tooth will forever be in debt to you.

Cookie Casa Bakery: Website