The service-centric one-stop shop for small-space dwelling college students strives to become more dormcentric under the tutelage of Dreamentia.

LOUISVILLE, KY & LOS ANGELES, CA – The times are a-changing at, as the college-focused company has been recently evolving to keep themselves a few steps ahead of today’s progressive-minded collegiates. Dormbuys’ new changes have come as a result of hiring Dreamentia Creative Laboratories, an LA-based agency that specializes in advertising, marketing and branding, who have been tasked with helping the web-based company through their strategic shift.

Launched in April of 2006, Dormbuys, the privately owned Louisville, Kentucky-based company, has become the one-stop shop for college students. With over 4,000 products in stock, from bedding to a plethora of gizmos and gadgets, they provide convenient shopping and creative solutions for small living situations.

But now, coupled with the strength of their customer service, Dormbuys is preparing to launch a whole new look and personality that will help them become even more dormcentric, thanks to the strategic and marketing tutelage of Dreamentia.

Dormbuys Campaign“We’ve been searching coast-to-coast in hopes of finding the perfect agency to help grow the Dormbuys brand,” said Dormbuys founder Deryl Sweeney. “With Dreamentia, we’ve done more than find creative minds who know how to build an online brand. We’ve found a true business partner that helps us shape our entire business strategy.”

After locking themselves away in the lab and drawing from both their own personal college experiences as well as in-depth research into the hearts and minds of today’s collegian, Dreamentia emerged with a new visual and vocal identity for Dormbuys. Comprised of a revamped website, updated logo, new tagline, imagery, and a custom-created language based on an educational, word-inventing voice, version 2.0 of is designed to speak to anyone who’s living and breathing the college life. No longer a site that just sells college stuff, Dormbuys is now a group of small space specialists setting out to help students find new and creative ways to outfit their living spaces. They’ll also be supplying some helpful tips along the way.

The customized language was created out of the insight that a collegiate’s world is unlike any other place – and therefore requires unique words to properly convey the experiences that are often impossible-to-convey in normal human-speak life. Creating words like bedology, laundristics and gadgetometry are just a sampling of the new language Dormbuys will be rolling out over the coming months.

Other new additions to the campaign include a monthly newsletter that’s tailored to educating and entertaining students, and a shipping box that doubles as a marketing tool. Rounding out the arsenal is a unique set of business cards, which features the actual hand of the Dormbuys employee who will shake yours before handing one over.

“We’re ecstatic to be channeling our younger collegiate days in order to revitalize the look and feel of,” said DCL Account Executive, Brandi Sweeney. “This client allows us to breath life into every marketing strategy and project we take on. Dormbuys has always had an exuberant team of people behind the brand, and it’s our honor to be able to portray their passion and excitement through the company’s branding.”

Dormbuys’ brand new look and college-speak aim to impress their worthiest customers while making life easier for collegiate rookies everywhere, who’ve been known to scour the ‘net for days, searching for the best and most cost-effective ways to make a seamless transition from high school to college.

By featuring a host of exciting and helpful products at their online home, not only is Dormbuys making online shopping easier for college students, they’re also keeping themselves one step ahead of every student on every campus.

Website: Dormbuys