Firmly entrenched on the edge of Los Angeles’ resurging and vibrant Downtown, Los Angeles Center Studios shoots to liven up its digital and social life by enlisting the services of Dreamentia.

LOS ANGELES, CA – The Los Angeles Center Studios (LA Center Studios) has selected Dreamentia, Inc. to handle digital, email, and content marketing efforts for its 20-acre, sustainably-focused, full-service studio for TV, film, and commercial production in DTLA.

In 1999, a vanguard, who saw the opportunity in the largely underdeveloped Downtown Los Angeles, converted the defunct Unocal Oil Co. building into a critical player in the film and television industry that is today widely considered to be Los Angeles’ premier independent movie studio – Los Angeles Center Studios.

With its six 18,000 square foot sound stages – the newest and most technologically advanced in Los Angeles – LA Center Studios has been home to a multitude of Hollywood blockbusters including “The Aviator,” “Catch Me If You Can,” “Where the Wild Things Are,” “Dreamgirls,” and “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,” just to name a few. In addition, Stage 1 features an inground pool that has been utilized for such productions as “Pirates of the Caribbean,” “Just Like Heaven,” and “ER.”

It has also housed a number of big-name television shows including “The Voice,” “Numbers,” and “Mad Men” where they brilliantly utilized the DTLA backdrop as their very own New York City.  In addition to major motion pictures and hit television programs, LA Center Studios has also been used in countless commercials, music videos, concert rehearsals, and photo shoots.

LA Center Studios provides a seemingly endless number of practical locations, as almost every square inch of the campus is available to feature film, television, commercial, music video, and still photography shoots. From a wide selection of diverse standing sets, closed-off public streets, subterranean garage and loading dock, or its versatile lobby, shooting possibilities at LA Center Studios are virtually limitless.

The studio has created a friendly and collaborative community that extends beyond typical film & television companies. LA Center Studios is also a hub for creative offices, offering amenities such as their Be Well Spa, award-winning Flix café, auto detailing, dry cleaning, and a pet friendly campus. Host to many concerts, festivals and events for such distinguished clients such as Sony, the NBA Players Association, Maxim Magazine, Food and Wine, Magic Johnson, Activision, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Electronic Arts, DreamWorks, General Motors, and AOL/Time Warner, LACS is a go-to resource for local and national clientele alike.

“Between 2002 and 2006, Dreamentia had the pleasure of being housed within LA Center Studios,” said Jim Olen, Dreamentia’s Chief Creative Officer, “We not only know them personally as people, but we also understand first-hand what their community-minded approach to operating their studio is all about, having been a part of it for a number of years. Being a member of the LACS community, you become acutely aware that it has developed its own way of life – whether you shoot, work, or play there – and that creates an environment unlike any other studio lot I’ve ever experienced.”

Having been entrusted with spearheading LA Center Studios’ digital presence, Dreamentia will be focusing on content marketing, leveraging the studios’ authority in the industry on both the local and national front to build their digital presence. Social media across multiple channels will be integrated throughout the program and will serve as a platform for interaction with the lot on a regular basis. Email marketing will be utilized to provide information to past, present, and potential future tenants.

“As like-minded proud members of the DTLA community for over 12 years,” Olen continued,  “Dreamentia is thrilled to be collaborating with LA Center Studios, as well as participating in and contributing to its continued growth within this dynamic, constantly evolving neighborhood. And we’re humbled to be able to call them friends, partners, and clients. In that order.”

For more information about LA Center Stdios as well as its studio services, production office space, and event capabilities, visit them at