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Founded in 1936, Suppose U Drive is a well-established, multi-location commercial truck rental and leasing business who prides themselves on customer service and flexibility. With over 80 years of success in Southern California, Suppose U Drive came to Dreamentia with a clear objective: establish a more prominent and authoritative online presence.


Dreamentia tackled this objective with a complete program which included a website redesign, logo update, and an online advertising and content strategy. The website was designed to provide a seamless user experience, which made it easy to shop their entire inventory and contact for assistance. Additionally, Dreamentia highlighted and streamlined inventory inquiries – taking some of the leg work away from the Suppose U Drive sales associates. Along with the website, Dreamentia launched Suppose U Drive’s blog. Created to offer valuable information, insight, and analysis of the trucking industry, a goal was set to establish Suppose U Drive as the same authoritative source they are offline, online.


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Suppose U Drive was born from Estele Edwin Johnston (Ed) and his entrepreneurial spirit. While working at a car dealership, customers would constantly ask to borrow a truck for a couple of hours. Although Ed’s employers weren’t able to strike a deal with the locals, Ed himself could. In 1936, he and his wife, Millie, saved up enough money to buy three Dodge trucks in Detroit, Michigan and drove them out to California where they officially opened Suppose U Drive’s first location in Glendale.

Over the decades, Suppose U Drive has built a rich history of serving their local community with professional trucks of all shapes and sizes, along with a dedication to personal service unmatched in the industry. Still in the family‘s now third generation, Suppose U Drive remains local, and their strong values of making customer safety and satisfaction their top priority continue to shine through.

Now with three locations across Southern California and the chance to expand into more, Suppose U Drive was ready for an online refresher, and enlisted Dreamentia to update their brand’s presence online – beginning with lead-generation strategies and culminating in a completely new website.


Dreamentia’s primary concern with Suppose U Drive was to establish a digital footprint where their incredible value proposition would be on full display. Because their website had gone so long without an update – Suppose U Drive decided it was time for a complete redesign. This meant Dreamentia would be able to start from a clean slate and implement best SEO practices in an attempt to reel in searchers. Suppose U Drive serves a wide variety of clients, from local companies trying to get their products from Point A to Point B to professional movie makers who need to transport vital studio equipment into and around the Glendale area. As such, the modernized design had to be carefully branded to the company, but also flexible enough to attract one of the many customer personas Suppose U Drive has long been working with.

For consistency, quality, and complete control over the website’s final look, Dreamentia had all images shot and edited in-house so that each and every visual aspect of the website could be 100% customized to the team’s desire. It’s these often overlooked details that help Dreamentia nail every project and ensure the finished design is perfect. In Suppose U Drive’s case, the custom-shot images perfectly pair with each page and post, as intended. Having the images carefully branded also strengthened the website’s appeal and instantly increased the trustworthiness in a potential client’s eyes as well.

The newly designed website and logo convey a more modern, clean, and reliable image, but the design also puts emphasis on Suppose U Drive’s long local history and family-owned appeal. The website is also filled with valuable content about all-things Suppose U Drive: from the locations themselves and the trucks on the lot, to the team members who work behind-the-scenes and in the garage, any client looking to work with the company will be impressed by the personal, one-on-one customer service offered by the Suppose U Drive family. 

Authority is important across all industries. In order to connect with more modern-day clients and potential new business, a new section on the website was also created to highlight the community work that has long been completed by the owners and managers of Suppose U Drive. Dreamentia established Suppose U Drive as a source for valuable trucking news and information by launching a full blog.  The blog is curated to target specific keywords and/or topics that is statistically relevant to Suppose U Drive’s market. This news section has played a significant role in the success of the traffic coming from the organic channel.  

Once the website and blog launched, Dreamentia tailored a Google Ads program that expedited Suppose U Drive’s road to online success. Through diligent keyword research, unique landing pages, and geo-targeting, Dreamentia was able to lower their cost-per-click by nearly 35% and increase conversions tenfold. Because of Suppose U Drive’s new program, competitors in the industry have been forced to reevaluate their very own online advertising programs.


Dreamentia’s efforts quickly led to big results. While Suppose U Drive’s earlier website had little organic traffic, today, nearly half of all of the website’s traffic is generated organically. This speaks to the power of the authentic branding and organic SEO work that Dreamentia did on the company’s behalf.

Prior to the redesign, Suppose U Drive’s earlier website  generated about 30 calls a month. Now because of the success of Dreamentia’s program they average approximately 400 calls per month. Their earlier Google AdWords campaign generated 30 calls per month as well, but since Dreamentia’s Google AdWords rebuild they’re getting over 150 calls per month from this channel alone. Dreamentia is able to track phone call traffic via phone tracking software that was implemented as part of the program This call tracking software  makes it easy to track ROI and helps monitor quality assurance – which is something Suppose U Drive prides itself on.

Suppose U Drive is enjoying more traffic and conversions than ever. Their new design is clean, intuitive, user-friendly, and of course, mobile optimized, to provide every client with the best possible user experience at any time of the day.

With Suppose U Drive’s case, Dreamentia updated, modified and strengthened the company’s brand image while emphasizing the business’ rich local history and family-owned appeal. The end results prove powerful with call volumes increasing more than tenfold and organic website traffic now making up the majority of their visitors.


Suppose U Drive

“Dreamentia has generated a wealth of new leads from the digital channels we often neglected. Our business now has a strong digital presence and we’re proud to show off our website with customers and affiliates.”

CAMERON JOHNSON – VP Sales, Suppose U Drive