{ Building, growing, and maintaining a brand new brand }



In February 2016, doors opened that would change thousands of Angelenos’ lives. The genesis for that amazing moment took place months earlier, when Tal Rabinowitz decided to step out of her successful career as an Executive VP at NBC Entertainment and dedicate herself to realizing her vision: Create a mindfulness center in Los Angeles where guests could enjoy guided meditations, accomplish work and meaningful goals, and enjoy a soothing cup of tea — all in the same day.


Fast forward 365 days. Thanks to Dreamentia’s vigorous traditional marketing planning and memorable advertising, The DEN has seen remarkable success in its very first year. In addition to a strong traditional marketing program, we provided extensive website development, email marketing, and social media strategies that connected The DEN with its target market and turned new friends into loyal clients. The marketing and advertising were so effective that the center’s attendance climbs almost daily, its email list has grown to over 10K, and the business is now a recognized wellness brand in Los Angeles and across the country.


  • Brand Development  + Design
  • Corporate Identity
  • Website Design
  • Mobile Design
  • eCommerce Store
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Print
  • Collateral
  • Direct Mail
  • Print Advertising
  • Signage
  • Merchandise Design



While working as an entertainment industry executive, Tal Rabinowitz took a meditation course that changed her life. She began to share that experience by implementing a 20-minutes-a-day meditation practice for her team. Tal quickly discovered these sessions had incredible benefits for her co-workers. Inspired, she decided to create a no-pressure guided meditation den that serves newcomers, as well as seasoned practitioners.

Tal came to Dreamentia in August of 2015 with a plan to open her studio’s doors in February 2016. We faced two big challenges. First, like any new business, we needed to introduce ourselves to the established market (the mindfulness community) and new customers. Plus, we wanted to increase overall demand by spreading a positive message about meditation – a service category that’s unfamiliar or misunderstood by many.


Dreamentia’s goal was to make The DEN a household name for LA’s meditation practitioners. To achieve that, we created a three-pronged plan:

  1. Traditional Advertising: Create a strong logo design and signage, along with flyers, brochures, and eye-catching photography for ads in wellness publications.
  2. Digital Advertising: Reach the top of followers’ minds and hold that position with weekly email updates, social media posts, and blog articles for our meditation-minded audience.
  3. Retail & Extended Services: Expand The DEN’s brand reach by creating a full suite of retail products. In addition, extend The DEN’s influence beyond their own instructors via teacher training programs, international retreats, corporate programs, and DEN rental opportunities.

For The DEN’s logo, we created nearly one hundred options for Tal to choose from. Next, we worked with her to narrow it down one image that would anchor her brand. “The Dreamentia team created a logo that captures the fundamental elements, and the essence of our center,” says Tal. “We love it so much, we use it in everything we do.”

Dreamentia also helped brand The DEN’s physical space. We outfitted the studio’s interior, awnings, and billboard with beautiful signage. We also created a custom line of branded DEN products, including journals, candles, jewelry, blankets, mugs, and a full clothing line.

The website we created for The DEN immediately gives users a sense of brand. Functionality was also critical. We seamlessly accommodated a third-party app so users can book appointments for meditation and private healing sessions, on the go.

In addition, we made sure The DEN’s site was expandable, so their online presence could grow with their business. For people interested in teaching others, The DEN now has a Teacher Training site. For those interested in The DEN’s retail products, their e-commerce site, DENshop, meets their needs.


By starting off with the right marketing plan, The DEN has experienced remarkable growth. The studio is visited by more Angelenos every week. Moreover, the extension of services has taken things to another level — Teacher Training, Rental Service and a customizable Corporate Program are all wildly successful. But that’s not all…

There are new locations in the works, more international retreats being planned, and a digital platform that will connect The DEN with meditators throughout the world.

With so much success in just one year, Tal and Dreamentia are excited to continue this amazing collaboration.”


The DEN Meditation

“This journey started with a vision to create a space for meditation and spread the word about my passion. The wise and talented team at Dreamentia has helped me transform that vision into a reality. It’s been such a strong collaborative effort from the moment we met.”

TAL RABINOWITZ – Founder, The DEN Meditation