Suppose U Drive shifts their nearly century-old trucking brand up a few gears with a brand refresher along with updated lead-generation tools and tactics.

Suppose U Drive was born from Estele Edwin Johnston (Ed) and his entrepreneurial spirit, while he was working at a car dealership. Customers would constantly ask to borrow a truck for a couple of hours. While Ed’s employers weren’t able to strike a deal with the locals, Ed himself could. In 1936, he and his wife, Millie, saved up enough money to buy three Dodge trucks in Detroit, Michigan and drove them out to California where they officially opened Suppose U Drive’s first location in Glendale.

Over the decades, Suppose U Drive has built a rich history of serving their local community with professional trucks of all shapes and sizes, along with a dedication to personal service unmatched in the industry. Still in the family today (third generation), Suppose U Drive remains local, and their strong values of making customer safety and satisfaction their top priority continue to shine through.

Now with three locations across Southern California and the chance to expand into more, Suppose U Drive was ready for a refresher, and enlisted Dreamentia to update their brand – beginning with lead-generation strategies and culminating in a complete new website.

Suppose U Drive’s Original location on San Fernando Rd., Glendale, CA in 1941
Suppose U Drive’s Original location on San Fernando Rd., Glendale, CA in 1941

If It Ain’t Broke…

Suppose U Drive serves a wide variety of clients, from local businesses that need to move their products from Point A to Point B to Hollywood production companies that need to transport equipment and crew in and around Southern California and beyond. Dreamentia’s primary focus for Suppose U Drive was to ensure that any updates did not lose the core essence of what made the company a success in the first place. The brand was more than ready for updated messaging and branding designed to capture new leads and ultimately new long-term partners to last well into the next century. But too many changes could be detrimental to the brand’s current core partners, and a careful balance between up-to-date and familiarity was required at all steps.

The task? Create an online tool for the company to help customers easily find what they’re looking for, as well as help the company organize and process leads in an efficient and time-saving manner. After all, lead generation for Suppose U Drive was at the core of its marketing needs, and all tactics devised would need to keep that locked in the crosshairs.

“Websites need to work really hard, and have the ability to change a business dramatically,”said Dreamentia’s Chief Creative Officier, Jim Olen. “With Suppose U Drive, our primary focus was to help them communicate as clearly and simply as possible with potential new clients, while at the same time provide new and exciting value to their current partners. We’re thrilled with not just how the site came out, but with how hard it’s working and how well it’s performing for them. That’s a big win-win.”

Suppose U Drive 2.0

The newly designed website and refreshed logo reflect a clean, up-to-date and reliable brand, but the design also puts emphasis on Suppose U Drive’s long local history and family-owned appeal. With the website being filled with helpful content about everything from the trucks’ specifications and best uses to industry insights and helpful information for on-the-road truckers, businesses looking to lease or rent with the company will be greeted by the personal, one-to-one customer service offered by the Suppose U Drive family.

In addition to company and fleet information, the website now highlights the community work that has long been a staple of Suppose U Drive’s local involvement, including a partnership with Glendale Memorial Hospital where Suppose U Drive’s late owner was honored with a plaque for all the work he accomplished throughout his lifetime on behalf of the hospital and their advisory board.

“Suppose U Drive offers an incredible amount of value to their customers and they really just needed someone to help relay that message in the digital sphere – I think we hit the nail on the head.”

– Ryan de Leon, Dreamentia Digital Marketing Manager

The Results

The new site has already generated results. Traffic is up dramatically, and nearly half of all traffic is generated organically. This speaks to the power of authentic branding and aggressive SEM strategies.

Since the 2.0 launch, Suppose U Drive’s website has increased lead generation by over 1,300%. In addition, Dreamentia’s modified and updated AdWords campaign managament for Suppose U Drive has increased call generation by over 500% and decreased cost per click by 82%. With the new call tracking system that Dreamentia helped to implement, the Suppose U Drive team can now also be certain that every call they get from a customer is being handled with the utmost care and appreciation for the client at hand. This call tracking system has allowed for even greater quality assurance – something that Suppose U Drive puts at the top of their priority list.

Now, with the revamp of their website, Suppose U Drive is enjoying more traffic and conversions than ever. Their new design is clean, intuitive, user-friendly, and of course: mobile optimized to provide every client with the best possible experience. The company’s brand image has been modernized while putting great emphasis on the business’ rich local history and family-owned appeal.

What’s next? Suppose U Drive is looking forward to the next 100 years.