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Over the decades, Suppose U Drive has built a rich history of serving their local community with professional trucks of all shapes and sizes, along with a dedication to personal service unmatched in the industry. Still in the family today (third generation), Suppose U Drive remains local, and their strong values of making customer safety and satisfaction their top priority continue to shine through.

Successful email marketing is more than just a targeted approach – it requires concise, consistent and valuable content designed to reward your customers’ loyalty. The catch is, what exactly isan effective email marketing strategy? What differentiates a welcomed pitch from annoying spam? How do you craft a campaign that organically grows your following andmaximizes conversions?

CONGRATULATIONS! Your relentless hard work and preparation have paid off: with your staff, financing, and great product/service all in order, you’ve finally opened your doors! But wait—do people know you exist? Do you have a unique identity that stands out from the crowd? Will people be able to relate to what you and your company are all about? Did you answer “no” to any of these questions? If so, we may need to also talk about getting your marketing in order.

Emergencies rarely happen during “normal business hours,” so 1st Pet Veterinary Centers updated their website to let Arizonans know they’re The One to Call 24/7.

Rabinowitz approached Dreamentia with her idea for The DEN Meditation. “I had a very strong vision of wanting to make sure that was mainstream, easy for anyone to digest, and could help spread the message that meditation really is for EVERYONE—you don’t have to wear white, you don’t have to be a hippie. ANYONE can and should do it. Branding was important to me from the onset of the idea. I knew I needed someone to help me create the logo and the vibe of our website and all of our materials from my descriptions and needs.”

As tough as marketing can be in today’s market, it doesn’t have to be! Keep in mind the ways that Millennials operate, and you can stay one step ahead of the game—whether it be a single advertisement or an entire campaign. At the end of the day, don’t forget to have fun and be creative. If you’re coming from a place of genuine intent and put a bit of yourself in the work, then the results will follow.

Because of the recurring need to change prices and promote specials at all Zankou Chicken restaurants, digital menu displays are a wise way to go. Digital menus can be updated with the click of a button at a single computer, and when management gets an update on inventory, they can immediately advertise promotional pricing at the right locations.

In the heart of one of the world’s busiest cities lies an oasis of serenity. The DEN Meditation studio offers Angelenos a multitude of meditation classes in a calming environment to get away from the bustle of everyday life and center themselves. Expert instructors aim to guide everyone from beginners to veteran meditators through practices that bring balance and serenity.

For over 50 years, Joe’s Auto Parks has been the undisputed preeminent parking operator for Downtown Los Angeles, providing over 90 parking locations for residents, businesses, and visitors alike. In fact, one can hardly travel a single city block without passing at least one of the iconic Joe’s “bull’s eye” logos just outside of a garage or surface lot.

NorCalVet, the Bay Area’s most progressive multi-specialty animal hospital, enlists Dreamentia for its advertising, marketing and pawsitively pawsome branding. DALY CITY, CA – Dreamentia Creative Laboratories has been named Agency of Record for Nor Cal Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Hospital (NorCalVet), a leading advanced mutli-specialty animal hospital with a progressive charter, headquartered in Daly City, California. In its new role, Dreamentia will develop, direct and manage all NorCalVet brand architecture,

After over half a century serving legendary oh-so-delicious chicken (and let’s not forget that garlic sauce), Los Angeles-based Zankou Chicken takes their brand to the next level. LOS ANGELES, CA — Conceived in the streets of Beirut in 1962, Zankou Chicken has always been a family owned and operated business and many years and many miles later, it remains that way in Los Angeles. The Zankou mission has always been simple:

The Los Angeles Center Studios stake their online claim with a new content-rich blog catering to the film production community. LOS ANGELES, CA- The Los Angeles Center Studios (LACS) takes a bold leap into the digital world with the creation of their new online magazine, LACSLife. The website was born out of a desired space to share all happenings at LACS with its long list of dedicated production teams, tenants,

After establishing themselves as one of the premier animal hospitals in Southern California, the Advanced Veterinary Specialists vamp up their website. SANTA BARBARA, CA – From its birth in 2012, The Advanced Veterinary Specialists (AVS) aimed to open the most technologically advanced animal specialty hospital for its pet patients of Santa Barbara. Born from the vision of veterinarians and veterinary architects, AVS strove to be the best at what they do

Onyx Lounge and Aqua Lounge, two of DTLA’s most innovative hot-spots, join together to serve up a sold-out VIP New Year’s Eve event for the Ages. DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES – LA’s hottest and trendiest sector in downtown, the Historic Core, is home to popular lounges, Aqua and Onyx. Known for their fantastic food and unparalleled drink menus, Onyx Lounge and Aqua Lounge combine to make up the ever-happening corner of

Firmly entrenched on the edge of Los Angeles’ resurging and vibrant Downtown, Los Angeles Center Studios shoots to liven up its digital and social life by enlisting the services of Dreamentia. LOS ANGELES, CA – The Los Angeles Center Studios (LA Center Studios) has selected Dreamentia, Inc. to handle digital, email, and content marketing efforts for its 20-acre, sustainably-focused, full-service studio for TV, film, and commercial production in DTLA. In

reVITAivLIFE is already receiving a healthy dose of marketing medicine from its new agency of record, Dreamentia. reVITAivLIFE, an IV Nutritional Therapy option for health-conscious Angelenos, will prove to be a “can’t live without” resource in the years to come. It’s a rare occasion when the office phone rings and the person on the other end can hardly contain their excitement about their newest and proudest venture – all ears to

An integrated and intensive targeted campaign spells success for The Edison and Vagabond Opera. If numbers don’t lie, then the triumphant turn out at Vagabond Opera’s recent show at The Edison followed one of the most successful marketing campaigns ever launched for the Downtown Los Angeles nightclub. The Edison enlisted Dreamentia Creative Labs, a full-service marketing and advertising agency and fellow DTLA business, to create event, email and social marketing

Animal Specialty Group, Los Angeles’ Premier Animal Specialty and Emergency Care Hospital, continues to expand its reach with our B2B and B2C Marketing efforts – this time with a new mobile website designed to expedite the process for pet parents on the go who experience emergency cases.

The Edison, DTLA’s legendary bar and nightclub, enlists the services of Dreamentia Creative Laboratories for event marketing and social media. A beacon of Downtown LA’s ongoing restoration, The Edison nightclub is looking to Dreamentia, Inc., a DTLA-based advertising and marketing agency, to help continue to grow the venue’s reputation as one of the premier nightlife destinations in LA’s resurgent urban center. Pre-dating LA City Councilmember Jose Huizar’s ambitious 10-year plan to

What’s better than one bad TV spot for a national brand to garner awareness and increase online participation? Three bad spots…and counting. Los Angeles CA – We’ve all seen them. Those ridiculous infomercials that usually air in the wee hours of the morning, making a seemingly easy task next to impossible to accomplish. Then they swoop in like magic with an amazing product that will solve all the problems you didn’t know

Dreamentia Creative Laboratories, headquartered in Los Angeles, California, has been tasked to both name and brand the nation’s first Pain Care Specialty Hospital, located in Scottsdale, Arizona. Officially named “Freedom Pain Hospital,” the facility as well as it’s new logo & positioning line were soft-launched in April 2012 with a full-scale opening targeted for late 2012.

After 6 months of intensive development, Animal Specialty Group unveils a modified brand, new positioning lines, and a robust content-rich website. ATWATER VILLAGE – For nearly 25 years, Animal Specialty Group (ASG) has been recognized as one of the most advanced multidisciplinary veterinary specialty hospitals in the nation. It is known not only for its specialty services, but also as a leading teaching hospital with the highest standards in training fellow veterinarians, veterinary

To compliment its updated brand image, WallyPark Shuttles get wrapped with love, in a premier design aimed to permanently put the white glove into airport parking.

Dreamentia today proudly announced that it has been named Agency of Record for Animal Specialty Group, headquartered in Los Angeles, California. Dreamentia will create and oversee ASG’s brand architecture, marketing strategies and advertising campaigns.

Dreamentia cooks up a sweet new online identity for Culver City’s innovative home-style bakery. LOS ANGELES, CA – Mmmm. Smell that? It’s the fresh batch of logos, letterhead and web designs Dreamentia Creative Laboratories has cooked up for Cookie Casa, an innovative bakery located on the west side of Los Angeles in Culver City. Cookie Casa began as the dream of founder Erin H. Zabel, who, after plenty of pesterings

After nearly half a century of providing legendary Mediterranean cuisine to Southern California, Zankou Chicken is preparing to celebrate its semicentennial with style, and Dreamentia is excited to help them spread the word. Read More: http://www.idreamentia.com/latest-news/2011/1/12/the-zankou-legend-turns-50.html

Pig.com, a newly launched rebate-style web portal, has hog-tied their national advertising account to Dreamentia Creative Laboratories, in downtown Los Angeles.

After years of providing the best Mediterranean cuisine in Southern California, Zankou Chicken is looking to further enhance their customers’ experience. And while that’s a scary thought for their competitors, it’s a task that has LA agency Dreamentia Creative Laboratories enthralled… Read more: http://www.edreamentia.com/latest-news/2010/6/22/cooking-with-zankou.html

The times are a-changing at Dormbuys.com, as the college-focused company has been recently evolving to keep themselves a few steps ahead of today’s progressive-minded collegiates. And one of those changes was hiring Dreamentia Creative Laboratories, an LA-based agency that specializes in advertising, marketing and branding, who has been tasked with helping Dormbuys through their strategic shift. Read more… http://www.idreamentia.com/latest-news/2009/8/10/masters-of-your-dormain.html

What goes around comes around, as Ringorang – originally conceived as a mobile game before evolving into a web-based application for its beta phase – finally has the iPhone platform in its sights. And Vergence Entertainment – makers of Ringorang, the fast-growing trivia game – couldn’t be happier, thanks to Apple’s unveiling of the new iPhone 3.0 software package (soon to be released) with capabilites that finally incorporate push technology, the feature Ringorang needed to be fully integratable into the handheld device. Read more… http://www.idreamentia.com/latest-news/2009/4/29/iringorang-is-on-the-way.html

First came the pitch, then the production, and now “Formosa Betrayed” has shifted into high gear for the promotional path that its high-octane journey has set it on. And Dreamentia is exploring multiple avenues for the updated marketing efforts – aimed at the upcoming festival circuit. Read more… http://www.idreamentia.com/latest-news/2009/4/22/formosa-marketing-redux.html

Five Star Parking had always been intrigued by Oakland International Airport. Which is why they enlisted the services of Pacific Park Management and Dreamentia Creative Laboratories to help them win the business. Read more… http://www.idreamentia.com/latest-news/2009/4/21/five-star-ppm-win-oak.html

We could tell you more, but then we’d have to kill you. Seriously. And we Dreamentia-ites ain’t the killin’ type. Read more… http://www.idreamentia.com/latest-news/2007/8/1/shinkafa-shhh.html

Al Campos is a singer & trombone player, songwriter and producer. He was born into a gospel singing family. His mother, a recording artist herself in the 1950’s & 60’s with “The Messengers,” introduced him to music at the very early age of 1 year old. Read more… http://www.idreamentia.com/latest-news/2007/7/9/al-campos-cd-design.html

Los Angeles-based jeweler Pamela Froman is scheduled to premiere new pieces of her fantastic jewelry collection at the Couture Jewelry trade show in Las Vegas. The show will run from May 30 to June 4. Read more… http://www.idreamentia.com/latest-news/2007/5/30/pamela-froman-at-couture.html

Camera manufacturer Cybervision West has undergone an image makeover, administered by Los Angeles-based agency Dreamentia Creative Laboratories. Read more… http://www.idreamentia.com/latest-news/2007/5/11/cvw-image-campaign.html

In an effort to provide travelers with more options, WallyPark Premier Airport Parking at LAX has teamed up exclusively with SkyMeals to cater to the hurried and hungry traveler. Dreamentia Creative Laboratories, WallyPark’s agency of record, will handle all of the advertising efforts surrounding the new partnership. Read more… http://www.idreamentia.com/latest-news/2007/2/12/wallypark-skymeals.html

Aimed to unearth the politics of an entire nation, Will Tiao’s “Formosa Betrayed” is inspired by the murders of Professor Chen Wen-Chen and journalist Henry Liu, as well as countless other Taiwanese democracy and independence activists and their struggles during the “White Terror “period. And Dreamentia has been tapped to build a pitch piece to help sell the story to investors as well as the Taiwanese community. Read more… http://www.idreamentia.com/latest-news/2006/12/4/formosa-betrayed-primer.html

The L&R Group of Companies, a privately held, LA-based organization that operates three distinct parking divisions, is moving to a new location in Downtown Los Angeles. But that’s not all. They’ll also be undergoing a corporate makeover. Simultaneously. Read more… http://www.idreamentia.com/latest-news/2006/11/2/lr-corporate-branding.html

Looking to ride the wave of the renaissance in downtown Los Angeles, Dreamentia Creative Laboratories has signed a new lease in the Spring Arts Tower, located in the Historic Old Bank District on South Spring Street. Read more… http://www.idreamentia.com/latest-news/2006/11/1/were-downtown-bound.html

Downtown Los Angeles-based Anatomy Entertainment, Inc. (AEI) – known for both its creative advertising and marketing expertise as well as its commercial, film and television production capabilities – has formally divided into two separate companies in order to better serve the needs of their clients. (more… http://www.idreamentia.com/latest-news/2006/9/1/mitosis-births-dreamentia.html)

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