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Emergencies rarely happen during “normal business hours,” so 1st Pet Veterinary Centers updated their website to let Arizonans know they’re The One to Call 24/7.

Rabinowitz approached Dreamentia with her idea for The DEN Meditation. “I had a very strong vision of wanting to make sure that was mainstream, easy for anyone to digest, and could help spread the message that meditation really is for EVERYONE—you don’t have to wear white, you don’t have to be a hippie. ANYONE can and should do it. Branding was important to me from the onset of the idea. I knew I needed someone to help me create the logo and the vibe of our website and all of our materials from my descriptions and needs.”

As tough as marketing can be in today’s market, it doesn’t have to be! Keep in mind the ways that Millennials operate, and you can stay one step ahead of the game—whether it be a single advertisement or an entire campaign. At the end of the day, don’t forget to have fun and be creative. If you’re coming from a place of genuine intent and put a bit of yourself in the work, then the results will follow.

Because of the recurring need to change prices and promote specials at all Zankou Chicken restaurants, digital menu displays are a wise way to go. Digital menus can be updated with the click of a button at a single computer, and when management gets an update on inventory, they can immediately advertise promotional pricing at the right locations.

In the heart of one of the world’s busiest cities lies an oasis of serenity. The DEN Meditation studio offers Angelenos a multitude of meditation classes in a calming environment to get away from the bustle of everyday life and center themselves. Expert instructors aim to guide everyone from beginners to veteran meditators through practices that bring balance and serenity.

For over 50 years, Joe’s Auto Parks has been the undisputed preeminent parking operator for Downtown Los Angeles, providing over 90 parking locations for residents, businesses, and visitors alike. In fact, one can hardly travel a single city block without passing at least one of the iconic Joe’s “bull’s eye” logos just outside of a garage or surface lot.