{ Creating a Mobile Game from the Ground Up }


1. THEN:

A start-up with a game-changing mobile app concept based on proprietary technology, and gameplay that could truly be revolutionary in a me-too industry, needed well over $10 million in funding to get the ball off the ground.

2. NOW:

Originally designed, built, rolled out, and fully marketed as a successful and addictive interactive multi-user mobile game, Ringorang has since evolved into a highly sought-after tool for use in high-tech training and recruiting, and is currently used by a number of companies nationwide, including San Diego Gas & Electric, Vermont Energy Investment Corporation, Cap Gemini, The North Highland Company, Farallon Risk Group, Georgetown Utilities, University of Tennessee, Regulus, and Pugent Sound Energy. With the success of the training app, additional funding is now being sought for continued expansion within the business community, as well as the inevitable mobile game re-introduction in the near future.


  1. Corporate Identity
  2. Naming
  3. Game Development
  4. Website Design
  5. Mobile App Development
  6. Email Marketing
  7. Social Media
  8. Online Videos
  9. Corporate Films
  10. Collateral
  11. Investor Packages
  12. Signage
  13. Proposals
  14. Business Plans



In 2008, prior to the mobile app boom, Vergence Entertainment, a small entertainment start-up, came to Dreamentia with a big idea – a new, interactive, proprietary, mobile technology that could be harnessed as an addictive interactive trivia game for the general public.

Vergence was looking to raise $10 million in funding for further product development within the technology industry. The proprietary technology was complicated and needed to be simply explained to both potential investors as well as the relatively new mobile game-playing public.


Tasked with the complete “soups to nuts,” including fundraising, gameplay, development, naming, branding, positioning, and marketing, Dreamentia completely immersed itself within the Vergence culture and fully embraced the vision.

Dreamentia helped create a highly memorable product name, Ringorang, a recognizable logo, as well as the tagline – “It pays to know this stuff.” All the elements worked in harmony and offered a cohesive and engaging brand. The agency wrote and illustrated the Ringorang brand guidelines and identity program, as well as made direct contributions to the gameplay, overall game strategy, reward and incentive programs. In addition, an inventive way that advertisers would be integrated into the fabric of the platform was developed and fine-tuned to provide an immediate revenue stream from the game that would be readily accepted by players.

As something players looked forward to playing and felt compelled to compete in on an ongoing basis, a communications effort was developed around the addictive nature of the game. Investors were reassured that Ringorang was a well-designed, produced, and executed product that was ready-to-market via comprehensive investor relations programs and materials.

The mobile game market presented the greatest business potential for Ringorang. It’s a trivia game that plays you by sending out random questions to millions of players at once via patented SMS technology. Despite this potential, and after a successful test-run of the mobile game, it was decided that Ringorang first be introduced to the business sector for use in corporate training and recruitment, as that was deemed to have the greatest potential for generating revenue for further development.


After raising upwards of tens of millions of dollars in capital and funding, the product is fully developed and distributed as a hi-tech and interactive corporate training tool, currently being employed by a number of companies nationwide, including: San Diego Gas & Electric, Vermont Energy Investment Corporation (VEIC), Cap Gemini, The North Highland Company, Farallon Risk Group, Georgetown Utilities, University of Tennessee, Regulus, and Pugent Sound Energy.

Having built a strong reputation in the corporate market for innovative internal communications through the successful shift of strategy from B2C to B2B, Ringorang’s interface and game-play has since been fine-tuned and the technology further developed. Plans for the reintroduction of the consumer-based mobile Ringorang game are currently in the works, with a complete re-launch along with a full-blown marketing push due in the near future.



“Without Dreamentia’s allegiance to our vision and dedication to making it a reality, Ringorang would likely never have been born, nor would Vergence have had as great a chance to succeed.”

ROBERT FEENEY – Founder, Vergence Entertainment