{ Unifying a Brand & Cultivating a Passionate Following }


1. THEN:

A family-run 50+ year-old beloved and successful local restaurant chain had become fragmented over the decades, with an inconsistent image, confusing messaging, and little cohesiveness to its 8 locations and many operating parts.

2. NOW:

Along with a fine-tuning of its well-known image, the unification of all communications from in-store to online has improved the customer experience in all restaurants, increased its rabid fanbase dramatically, and helped tangibly grow the company’s bottom line. With new locations, a robust social media presence, redesigned website, new product launches, and location-based menus and pricing, Zankou Chicken is now positioned for continued growth both in and out of state.


  1. Corporate Identity
  2. Website Design
  3. Social Media
  4. Email Marketing
  5. Print
  6. Collateral
  7. Grand Openings
  8. Promotions
  9. Vehicle Wraps
  10. Video
  11. Signage



Zankou Chicken is a popular restaurant chain in Los Angeles known for their rotisserie chicken and legendary garlic sauce, with roots based over fifty years ago in Lebanon.

The company first approached Dreamentia in 2009 to assist in a cup design. As part of this redesign, client and agency discussions ensued relating to Zankou Chicken’s brand position and its current quagmire. With six restaurant locations – all very different in look and feel, it was agreed that a comprehensive brand unification and restaurant rehab was needed to better appeal to the Restaurant’s “cult-like” customer following. This would also differentiate the company from its key competition, who in some cases shared the same name – “Zankou Chicken”. Such unification would provide the foundation for future ongoing marketing and operations efforts and create a distinct separation between Zankou Chicken and all of its competition.


Taking into consideration the strong family interest (owned and operated), the Zankou Chicken unification began with a bold brand statement. Dreamentia recommended “No Better Chicken Anywhere” as the positioning, supported by the use of the most natural, fresh, tastiest products and ingredients, including a proprietary garlic sauce. Restaurant signage, menus, and point of sale materials were all redesigned to reflect the new positioning. A robust social media program was cultivated to provide the chain’s community of enthusiastic supporters with a voice by uniting them in a common platform where they could interact and engage. A new catering program was developed and launched along with all marketing essentials.

The agency took the lead in commemorating Zankou Chicken’s 50th anniversary, creating customized sales elements to celebrate the milestone. Dreamentia’s efforts have also expanded to internal communications and marketing, generating materials for the company training program to promote team building and ownership.


What initially began as a graphic design project has grown into a full-scale marketing partnership. The unification improved the customer experience in all restaurants, resulting in increased repeat business and overall customer satisfaction. This has allowed for steady total sales growth over the last five years demonstrating a tangible and almost immediate ROI.

Since the partnership began, Zankou Chicken has opened 2 additional locations reflecting the “No Better Chicken” positioning. Dreamentia created the grand opening materials for both new locations. To capitalize on the forward momentum, a new website launched in April 2015. Developed exclusively by Dreamentia, Zankou Chicken’s new website reflects a cosmopolitan aesthetic while offering a glimpse into the history and the culture that makes the brand a Los Angeles institution. A full digital menu provides much needed content and brings an updated immediacy to the brand. The launch includes an accompanying email marketing program and a direct link to social platforms, resulting in the capacity to reach over 55,000+ active fans and followers, daily.

Website views are expected to double with the addition of location-based menus and pricing. Plans are in the works for additional restaurant openings in the near future.


Zankou Chicken

“I love working with Dreamentia. We’ve collaborated together on a multitude of projects including website design, menu design, and corporate identity. I’ve always been happy with their work and over the years we’ve not only developed aesthetically pleasing products, but they have helped me increase our bottom line. I deeply value their friendship and trust.”

DIKRAN ISKENDERIAN – Director of Marketing, Zankou Chicken