Dreamentia Serves Up Some Old School Lovin’ for Al Campos and his Debut Jazz Release.

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK – “Al, you may not know what you got, but I do. What you have here is a smash hit record. The torch has been passed to you. I love your music. You’ve got something for everyone.”

These were the words of Mr. Willie Mitchell, legendary producer and songwriter at Royal Recording Studios in Memphis, Tennessee. Best known for his long-time partnership with soul singing legend, Al Green. And wouldn’t you know it? Another Al has come out of Willie’s stables.

Al Campos CDWe present to you, Al Campos. A native of Los Angeles, CA and current resident of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Al Campos is a singer & trombone player, songwriter and producer. He was born into a gospel singing family. His mother, a recording artist herself in the 1950’s & 60’s with “The Messengers,” introduced him to music at the very early age of 1 year old.

He began to play music at age 8.

Throughout his childhood, Al has had the incredible good fortune to have learned “everything” he knows about great songwriting and singing from his uncle, 9-time Grammy award winning gospel artist, Andraé Crouch. With these kinds of words of encouragement from such legends as Willie Mitchell, Andraé Crouch and other important people in the industry, Al Campos is taking this entire CD project to the hoop.

Campos has lived and played music in Los Angeles, Oahu, Hawaii, San Francisco and now is currently based out of Copenhagen, Denmark, where he and his Danish wife have lived since 1990. Since then, Al has worked as a session vocalist with many top recording artists in Denmark, Sweden and Norway, recording on over 30 CD’s as a backing vocalist and arranger. He’s also toured with many of these top names.

But today is a new day. No longer singing on other artists CD’s, Al is focusing on his own music and career. Some might say he’s a late bloomer, since he is not a 23 year old artist. However others say, in time, this music must and shall be heard by the world.

Al has put together this new CD with the help of his good friends, all hand picked to step up and play some serious soul music. These 4 musicians, together with Al, are all top seasoned and respected musicians in Denmark. Players on this album are, from Denmark, Michael Finding (drums), Thomas Risell (bass), Martin Finding (guitar), and from Sweden, Daniel Fridell (keyboards and producer). Al Campos is from the USA himself, featured on the trombone, lead and backing vocals, horn arrangements and as the primary songwriter. He is also the “Executive Producer” on the album.

Currently the CD, “Old School Lovin’” is being presented in the U.S. for both national and international release & distribution, with the legendary mixing engineers, Mr. Lawrence “Boo” Mitchell and Mr. Willie Mitchell approving all final mixes at the legendary Willie Mitchell’s Royal Studios in Memphis, Tennessee.

Dreamentia Creative Laboratories in Los Angeles created the look and feel of Al’s image, where their expertise is not just in building brands for traditional products, but also for performers, musicians and actors. Dreamentia tapped L.A.-based photographer Jay Lawrence Goldman to shoot the imagery throughout the CD, and the new Al Campos image was born.

For more information about Al Campos and his music, visit www.positivesoul.com

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