Animal Specialty Group continues to expand its reach in Southern California with a new 24/7 Emergency-focused mobile site.

ATWATER VILLAGE, CA – Animal Specialty Group, Los Angeles’ Premier Animal Specialty and Emergency Care Hospital, continues to expand its reach with our B2B and B2C Marketing efforts – this time with a new mobile website designed to expedite the process for pet parents on the go who experience emergency cases.

Upon review of last quarter’s reports, it became clear that building a mobile site was not only the next logical step to improving ASG’s business, but also the most necessary.

The numbers were strong – approx. 30-40% of daily traffic to the website is coming through mobile devices. with Yelp, Facebook, and Yellowpages leading the stats,” explained Sr. Account Executive, Jameca Lyttle. “It was clear that a substantial number of pet parents as well as referring veterinarians were researching our services were on the go through their phones.

As these numbers continue to grow, it became increasingly important to take into consideration the user experience. The current website was conceived and built by Dreamentia to be a robust, content–rich resource for both pet parents and rDVMS, providing a wealth of information on procedures, conditions, services, articles, blog postings and news updates. And yet, while plentiful, it was found to be challenging for someone searching for emergency care in a hurry – a pet parent likely in distress and potentially already on the move.

The vision behind the mobile site was simple – create a consolidated version of the main website that provides all of the necessary general information, while shifting its emphasis to improving the emergency experience. Ultimately, making ASG’s emergency facility just one quick click away.

Steve Katz, ASG’s Hospital Administrator, agreed: “Pet parents are frantic when an emergency occurs. They don’t have the time – or often the patience – to do much digging. They need relevant information and speedy access to it, as every second almost always counts.”

Animal Specialty Group Mobile 2014ASG’s mobile site now provides just that. With a focus on Emergency Care, the mobile site houses general info about the departments and specialists, reviews, a breakdown on the Emergency Care department, contact and mapping capabilities, and one-click calling – all of which is designed to not add additional stress to an already stressful situation, and to make the process as seamless as possible.

“When it comes to our clients, our relationships are built on trust. Which is why we recommend and encourage them to consider – and spend their money on – projects that will tangibly improve their business and bottom line,” cites Lyttle.

ASG is excited to provide an improved user experience to existing and potential clients. As we monitor its progress, we are positive we’ll learn more about these customers and in turn develop more ways to improve their experience with the hospital.

Dreamentia continues to provide a full range of marketing services to Animal Specialty Group, including building and maintaining industry relationships, promoting continuing education programs, educating both pet parents and referring veterinarians to their services, email marketing, social media, along with a host of others.

For more information about the Animal Specialty Group, please visit their website at To check out the new mobile site, just visit on your mobile device.