After 6 months of intensive development, Animal Specialty Group unveils a modified brand, new positioning lines, and a robust content-rich website.

Animal Specialty Group: PhotosATWATER VILLAGE – For nearly 25 years, Animal Specialty Group (ASG) has been recognized as one of the most advanced multidisciplinary veterinary specialty hospitals in the nation. It is known not only for its specialty services, but also as a leading teaching hospital with the highest standards in training fellow veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and future veterinarian professionals.

Cutting-edge treatments in Surgery, Internal Medicine, Radiology, Oncology, Neurology, Physical Rehabilitation and Integrative Medicine as well as Emergency and Critical Care are offered to dogs and cats of all breeds and sizes, through referrals from family veterinarians across the Southern California area and beyond. In addition, ASG offers one of the nation’s premier 24/7 emergency facilities, available to any pets in need.
ASG and Dreamentia joined forces in February of 2011, and immediately immersed themselves in researching and developing a strategic road map for the hospital’s future. “While ASG was the first hospital in California to be accredited by AAHA as a specialty hospital,” acknowledged Steven Katz, ASG’s Hospital Administrator. “in this day-and-age, sometime being first isn’t enough. The newest thing in town can often be seen as superior to having been around for 25 years. What we needed was a way to re-jump-start our brand and stand out in this new, very competitive market we’re now in.”

Dreamentia’s Chief Operating Officer, Jim Olen, understood the complexity of the challenge as well as what needed to be done to set ASG apart from the competition. DCL would need to create a comprehensive program that focused on ASG’s unique, collaborative structure, its wide variety of specialty services offered to referring veterinarians (B2B) its state-of-the-art 24/7 Emergency Facility available to all pet parents on a walk-in basis (B2C), as well as the hospital’s education internship and residency program.

“We knew right away that, while we had three distinctly different audiences to whom we needed to get our message to, trust was the most important thing they all required for the hospital to continue to be successful. Referring veterinarians establish trust with a specialty hospital in different ways than a typical pet parent who’s German Shepherd was just hit by a car, or than a veterinary student in search of a residency or internship.”

“To build trust we knew we needed to grow – if not establish – our credibility,” Olen continued. “Highlighting ASG’s position in the industry and harnessing the knowledge and expertise of its numerous doctors became the stepping stones for a long-term plan to position ASG once again as the trusted, respected, and valued service that it is.”

The new logo which Dreamentia developed for ASG maintains some of the equity of their previous mark, but embraces the medical aspect of their service more directly thorough the cross within the paw within the ‘A.’

“We now have two positioning lines for the hospital,” added Jameca Lyttle, Sr. Account Executive. “For rDVMs, we needed to be more direct, and make a promise to them regarding what they can trust us to provide for them. ‘From Referral to Recovery’ does this is a positive way, all the while reminding the rDVM that we know where our business starts – with the referral.”

Lyttle states, “For pet parents who need ASG’s ER help, we position ASG a little differently – our B2C strategy is more personalized: ‘Specialized Service and Compassionate Care,” speaks specifically to their needs and expectations.

All of this is embraced and presented through ASG’s new website, Content-heavy, information-rich and updated weekly, Dreamentia is dedicated to putting Animal Specialty Group at the top of every rDVM’s consideration list, as the first-option for every pet parent’s emergency needs, and as the first choice for every veterinary student when selecting their place of internship or residency.

Animal Specialty Group: Website