After decades of providing the best Mediterranean cuisine in Southern California, Zankou Chicken aims to further enhance their customers’ experience. And that’s a scary thought for their competitors.

Zankou Chicken LogoLOS ANGELES – What do the Coppola’s, the Jackson’s, the Osmond’s, and the Iskenderian’s have in common? Well, aside from their redwood-sized family trees, each of these families came to Los Angeles and established themselves as a force to be reckoned with.

But when it comes to what each family is responsible for, the Iskenderian’s brought something that the other families could not bestow upon L.A., and that’s the most natural, fastest, freshest, and tastiest Mediterranean food in the world. This, of course, is the family responsible for popular food chain Zankou Chicken.

Founded in Beirut, in 1962, by Armenian couple Vartkes and Markrid Iskenderian, the tale of Zankou Chicken began in 1984, when husband and wife fled a war-torn Lebanon and landed in the City of Angels – opening the first Zankou in 1984. Within a few years, they expanded to include branches in Anaheim, Glendale, Pasadena and Van Nuys.

Today, having expanded to eight locations throughout Southern California, the restaurant that was named after an Armenian river still holds true to the values it was founded on. Their food is still 100% natural, it’s still prepared fresh every day in their kitchens, and they never use cans, freezers, microwave ovens, preservatives, or artificial ingredients. And best of all, the food is still very affordable.

“Forget the Colonel,” said Fodor’s Restaurant Review. “Zankou’s aromatic chicken, with perfect crisp, golden skin, is one of L.A.’s truly great budget meals.”

The Los Angeles Times also added that Zankou Chicken has “the best chicken in town at any price: moist, juicy, and fragrant.”

But even with the praise Zankou Chicken’s cuisine has received, the Iskenderian’s, who are always looking to innovate their customer’s experience, were looking for other ways to enhance the experience of Zankou Chicken. Which is why they tapped Dreamentia Creative Laboratories, a Los Angeles-based agency that specializes in advertising, marketing and branding.

As luck would have it, Dreamentia had been feasting their eyes on getting back into the food world. A few years earlier, the agency had helped build the entire UDog brand, a gourmet sausage restaurant that quickly became synonymous with wetting the taste buds of UCLA students in Westwood, providing high-quality sausages at the cheapest of prices.

Now that Dreamentia is onboard, they’ve begun working to enhance the customer’s overall experience at Zankou Chicken. A process that will continue through their partnership, Dreamentia will be looking to tackle everything from outdoor signage and promotions, to printed menus and menu boards, en route to giving the Zankou Chicken restaurants a new lease on life through interior design when the timing is right. Focus groups and Dreamentia’s strategies will play heavily into the restaurant’s visual revolution.

A revolution that will forever cement the Iskendarian name into the folklore of Los Angeles.

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