CVW Product Sheets

Three of the latest ads in the new image campaign designed for CVW.

CyberVision West sets its sights on Dreamentia to Create a High-Tech Image for It’s Revolutionary Security Cameras.

FOUNTAIN VALLEY, CA – Camera manufacturer Cybervision West [“CVW”] has undergone an image makeover, administered by Los Angeles-based agency Dreamentia Creative Laboratories [“Dreamentia”].

Known as the worldwide leader in the design, development and manufacture of IR cameras, CVW’s makeover included reshoots and redesigned product sheets for the CV400D, CV600XL and the CV300M, along with the rest of their revolutionary commodities.

The objective was to create a look that mirrors the quality of these cameras. And after learning that these cameras consisted of image sensors, LEDs and IR lenses, Dreamentia knew they weren’t messing with some middle-of-the-road device.

To take it a step further, CVW has even developed their own cutting-edge IR LED Array technology. Technology that’s so revolutionary, CVW has developed a series of IR cameras that are far superior, in both quality and durability, to any other IR camera on the market today.

But instead of shying away from such intimidating products, these facts are actually what triggered Dreamentia’s interest in the first place.

“No matter who you are or what you know about this kind of amazing technology,” Dreamentia CCO Jim Olen said, “there’s no denying that you can immediately picture James Bond pulling one of these babies out of his briefcase. So that’s where we took the imagery for the brand. Cybervision West is definitely leading the IR industry with a whole slew of unbelievably cool yet incredibly powerful cameras – you have to see it to believe it – what these lenses can pick up in the dead of night. So our job was actually pretty simple, as CVW did the heavy lifting just developing the technology and designing the begeezers out of these.”

“Utilizing revolutionary IR LED Array technology and combining it with the finest camera components available, CVW is able to manufacture cameras guaranteed to be more efficient than any other comparable cameras on the market. Now that’s pretty cool.”

Aside from producing revolutionary makeovers, Dreamentia is a creative agency that specializes in brand architecture, marketing and advertising for companies and industries that range from mobile games to parking to music and movies.