453 South Spring Street

The Spring Arts Tower, housed in the Old Bank District of Downtown Los Angeles’ Historic Core.

Dreamentia moves back in time to the Old Bank District in the Heart of DTLA’s Historic Core.

LOS ANGELES, CA – Looking to ride the wave of the renaissance in downtown Los Angeles, Dreamentia Creative Laboratories has signed a new lease in the Spring Arts Tower, located in the Old Bank District on South Spring Street in DTLA’s Historic Core.

The area, once known as the Wall Street of the West and later the Old Bank District, has in recent years been transformed from a defunct financial district into a vibrant, creative community. In May of 2004, the neighborhood was formally designated “Gallery Row” in a public unveiling ceremony. A monthly Downtown Art Walk includes 26 galleries most of which are in Gallery Row, with two galleries in Spring Arts. This neighborhood was voted by Los Angeles Magazine as one of the top ten neighborhoods to live and work in Los Angeles.

“The creative vibe, the sense of community, the revival and renaissance of an up-and-coming new urban hub – it’s exactly what we were looking for.”

The Downtown Los Angeles Historic Core has the opportunity to recapture its glory days of the early-to-mid 1900’s. Spearheading this upswing has been the development of previously vacant office towers along Broadway, Main and Spring Streets. Spring Arts Tower is being repositioned as one of the Historic Core’s most desirable buildings for the growing Downtown creative community. This property offers for lease twelve floors of architecturally spectacular suites encompassing nearly 230,000 square feet.

Built in 1914, Spring Arts Tower is a nationally registered historic building designed by acclaimed architect John Parkinson who also designed City Hall, Union Station, the Brewery, and the Art-Deco masterpiece Bullocks-Wilshire Building.

A favorite of the filming industry, the building, formerly the LA Headquarters of the Crocker Citizens National Bank, features original Art Deco designs, Art Nouveau details, sculptured brass, acres of fine Italian marble, Batcheldor tile, California alder and tiger oak, and offers a brand new, state-of-the-art telecommunication system. There are ten vaults located on four floors.

Dreamentia has taken inspiration from the building’s history in its own interior design, opting for an early 1900’s feel mixed with modern details. Chief Creative Officer Jim Olen is spearheading the company’s office “look and feel.”

“This is an incredibly exciting place to be for us, as we feel like we’re in the middle of something really revolutionary down here. This area of L.A. is booming, and it’s only a matter of time before everyone’s jockeying for a chance to get in here. The creative vibe, the sense of community, the New York feel – it’s exactly what we were looking for when we set out to find the new home for Dreamentia. And we expect to plant some serious roots here as we continue to expand and grow in the advertising community.”

For more information, Dreamentia’s new office line is (213) 347-6000.