After over half a century serving legendary oh-so-delicious chicken (and let’s not forget that garlic sauce), Los Angeles-based Zankou Chicken takes their brand to the next level.

LOS ANGELES, CA — Conceived in the streets of Beirut in 1962, Zankou Chicken has always been a family owned and operated business and many years and many miles later, it remains that way in Los Angeles. The Zankou mission has always been simple: To create a healthy Mediterranean dining experience that reflects Zankou’s dedication to excellence.

But let’s be honest: It’s all about the food.

No matter how much one tries to “marketing-speak” things up, the bottom line is that Zankou Chicken is, has been, and always will be known for its food – and that unbelievably addicting garlic sauce. Recognizing that their online presence didn’t fully illustrate the incredible food they offered, Zankou Chicken tasked their agency to build a better website.

Zankou Chicken, who had partnered with Dreamentia Inc. before, sought out the Downtown Los Angeles-based advertising and marketing firm for a complete rebuild and relaunch of their website. Trusting another hometown player to understand their unique voice and place in the landscape of Southern California, they closely collaborated with Dreamentia Inc. to insure their vision was met.

“For us, it was a true labor of love. Not only is what comes out of its kitchens incredible, but its also a pop culture phenomenon,” said Jim Olen, CEO of Dreamentia, “Everyone around here knows Zankou Chicken, and once you’ve tried it, you’re addicted.”

Named the “the greatest chicken ever” by the New York Times (amongst others), Zankou has continued to gain recognition with outstanding food and dedicated support from its strong cult like following. Their food is still 100% natural, still prepared fresh every day in their kitchens, and they still never use cans, freezers, microwave ovens, preservatives, or artificial ingredients – as it has been from the very beginning. But maybe most importantly, the selections are still very affordable.

Quality sits at the top of the priority list for the Zankou Chicken brand, followed closely by community outreach and service, including continual upgrades to the overall customer experience. However, half a century into existence, the Zankou brand has not lost its original calling and focus, which is family: family business, family gatherings, and family eating. It’s seen in their marketing, its present at each location and its undeniable in their partnerships.

The new embodies the spirit of Zankou Chicken, showcasing what makes the food so special to both loyal customers and newcomers alike. In addition, it has been built with a heavy emphasis on social media, fully embracing the heavily involved fan-base of the brand on a variety of social media channels. The voice of the “Zankou Zombie Nation” has been heard loud and clear, and has rightly been given its own piece of real estate, front and center on the home page.

“It’s a work-in-progress,” said Jameca Lyttle, Dreamentia Sr. Account Executive, “as the site will be continually added to and expanded upon, with new items, new features, and new experiences – all designed to combine the quality of the Zankou product with the passion that people have for it.”

Featuring philanthropic efforts, detailed menu pages, a full listing of all Zankou Chicken locations, a comprehensive history of the brand, as well as a new blog – the website is pure Zankou down to its core. In addition, a new eMail marketing program has been embedded into the site, as well as ongoing polls, Yelp integration, downloadable menus, forms and directions sent to your phone.

“I love working with Dreamentia,” said Dikran Iskenderian, Zankou Chicken’s Director of Marketing. “We’ve collaborated together on a multitude of projects including website design, menu design, and corporate identity. I’ve always been happy with their work and over the years we’ve not only developed aesthetically pleasing products, but they have helped me increase our bottom line. I deeply value their friendship and trust.”

For all of us here at Dreamentia, the feeling is mutual.

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