By fusing Five Star Parking and Pacific Park Management, Dreamentia helps the new joint venture win the coveted Oakland International Airport parking contract.

LOS ANGELES & SAN FRANCISCO – When it comes to the joint venture between Five Star Parking and Pacific Park Management (“PPM”), it appears that two heads really are better than one.

The partnership began when Five Star Parking — 1/5 of the L&R Group of Companies’ parking divisions, which includes System Parking, Inc., WallyPark, Joe’s Auto Parks and Network Parking — was looking to re-pitch Oakland International Airport, a parking entity they’d previously operated. But due to their Los Angeles headquarters, Five Star believed they could elevate their pitch by forming a joint venture with local parking company PPM.

PPM, an innovative, emerging regional leader of parking services in the San Francisco Bay Area, operates a variety of facilities and has provided services to San Francisco International Airport, The Department of Parking and Traffic of San Francisco, and The Port Authority of San Francisco.

5Star + PPM = Logo

But joint ventures don’t just form over night. And without showcasing some innovative ideas, talented teamwork and professionalism, it’s almost impossible to win over a client like Oakland International Airport (OAK).

Oakland International, one of three international airports in the Bay Area, has been one of the nation’s fastest growing airports in recent years. With a $300 million expansion and renovation project that was completed in spring 2008, the project included the addition of five gates to Terminal 2, as well as enhanced food, beverage and retail concessions; a new baggage claim area; expanded areas for ticketing and security screening; and significant improvements to the roadways, curbsides and parking lots. Terminal 1 is currently undergoing a $200 million upgrade, which will be renovated and seismically retrofitted over the next few years.

With Oakland International already busy with these projects, Five Star and PPM knew they couldn’t pitch their new ideas without a brand new identity to mirror their new partnership. And that’s exactly why this newfound venture turned to Dreamentia Creative Laboratories.

OAK International Airport RFPsDreamentia, whose experience in the world of parking stems from its work with L&R, Five Star Parking, WallyPark, System Parking and Network Parking, is a Los Angeles-based advertising agency that also specializes in marketing and branding. By taking variables from PPM and Five Star’s individual brands, Dreamentia created a new brand, along with a richly designed Request for Proposal (“RFP”). The RFP, which is a proposal used to pitch new business, included an in depth marketing section, developed by Dreamentia, thoroughly mapping out a detailed creative and strategic marketing plan for the proposed operation.

“The Five Star/PPM project has been a perfect fit for us,” said Dreamentia CCO, Jim Olen. “We’ve found we’re most effective when we’re given the opportunity to sink our teeth in and contribute from the very beginning of projects, when there’s a great deal of strategic and business planning involved. It gives us the ability to really roll up our sleeves and use our left-brain/right-brain approach to add strategic thinking that many – if not most – other companies wouldn’t even think to include.

“Researching, crafting and creating soup-to-nuts marketing plans, which are paired with RFP’s, is just one of the value-added tactics we love to help our clients with. In turn, both will help them stand out in the often crowded new business process, while illustrating how well they’ve thought through the entire picture of what handling the up-for-grabs contract would entail.”

Turns out three heads are even better than two.