No pain, all gain: One Doctor’s grand vision comes to life with the help of Dreamentia.

SCOTTSDALE, AZ –  Dreamentia Creative Laboratories, [“DCL”] headquartered in Los Angeles, California, has been tasked to both name and brand the nation’s first Pain Care Specialty Hospital, located in Scottsdale, Arizona. Officially named “Freedom Pain Hospital,” the facility as well as it’s new logo & positioning line were soft-launched in April 2012 with a full-scale opening targeted for late 2012.

Freedom Pain Hospital is an integrative acute and chronic pain care hospital and outpatient services solution to the uncoordinated care and runaway costs of chronic pain. The new Hospital is a 35,000 square foot comprehensive full time specialty hospital that will blend the current disease intervention model with the rising disease prevention and wellness movement. This new specialty hospital will have a core that focuses on patient care, diagnostics, pain research, and pain education that will integrate an outcomes data approach in an effort to deliver optimal care.

Says Freedom Hospital’s mission statement: “We believe that chronic pain should be viewed as a disease. We believe that patients who suffer with chronic pain should be provided stable pain control, an improved level of functioning, and an improved quality of life. With the support of our healthcare providers, partners, and continued education and research, we will prevent, treat, and eliminate chronic pain.”

Having been handed the concept by hospital founder, Dr. Steven Siwek, Dreamentia spent months of research bringing the idea to life, before finally landing on the name “Freedom.” The blossom logo arrived shortly thereafter.

“The new hospital venture is being built for people who have lost hope with respect to their pain,” says Dreamentia CCO, Jim Olen. “It will ultimately become a haven for restoration and renewal. Because although patients will come to the new hospital for appointments, the overall experience will be more like a retreat than a hospital.”

In fact, at the new Freedom Hospital, pain patients will be assigned a Patient Ambassador, and given an itinerary prior to their visit, which will walk them through all of their scheduled appointments at the hospital so they know exactly what to expect. They will also have direct access to a variety of pain specialists, in areas including pain management, orthopedics, neurosurgery, wellness, physical therapy, integrative medicine, surgery and clinical research. In this sense, their overall experience will be one based on a collaborative approach, unlike any other pain-focused facility in the country.

“Pain affects more than just physical well-being,” continued Olen. “It can – and very often does – have a great impact on both mental and emotional health as well. Freedom Pain Hospital will be committed to providing a comprehensive, collaborative treatment model that focuses on the patient as a whole – providing a sense of rebirth, and allowing the patient to get back to the business of living their life. The logo grew organically out of that core principal – that sense of hope and renewal that the new facilty will bring to patients from all over the world. And the tagline – “free to hope, free to move, free to live” – fit it perfectly.”

Currently Dreamentia is working on other various internal hospital marketing materials, including corporate branding as well as hospital signage. A full-scale marketing initiative and rollout plan is targeted for late 2012.[/vc_column_text]