The Los Angeles Center Studios stake their online claim with a new content-rich blog catering to the film production community.

LOS ANGELES, CA- The Los Angeles Center Studios (LACS) takes a bold leap into the digital world with the creation of their new online magazine, LACSLife. The website was born out of a desired space to share all happenings at LACS with its long list of dedicated production teams, tenants, crew members, event planners, and people who have had a chance to enjoy the studio. While LACS already has a devoted audience, the studio now has the necessary platform available for everyone to enjoy the ins and outs of the property.

Complemented by Social Media.

Before the birth of the blog came the foundational online presence. LACS entrusted Dreamentia Inc., also another Downtown LA denizen, to aid in building this presence and online community. Dreamentia has taken over and created a curated and highly populated Facebook page featuring imagery and posts from around the LACS campus highlighting the amazing work being done by so many different contributors. Additionally, LACS now has a similarly populated Instagram account exclusively featuring photos taken around the lot to cater to its insider-minded, highly participatory audience. Visitors and tenants alike are quickly taking a liking to LACS’ bold, new online presence, and Dreamentia hopes that same audience will enjoy and appreciate LACSLife.

Something for Everyone.

The blog features categories such as film and television, production and technology, events on the lot and in Downtown LA, along with any other exciting tidbits happening within the realm of entertainment or their diverse list of tenants. TabletIn addition to the blogosphere, LACSLife will also house new and exciting film contests taking place on the lot, showcase different tenants around campus, highlight some of their amazing amenities (spa services, free car charging stations for the eco-minded individual, and bears oh my!), and maintain an up to date common space for all LACS fans. LACSLife acts as a hub for all things entertainment, while maintaining the studio’s unique identity that makes LACS different from any other working production lot in Los Angeles.

Make sure to stop by LACSLife to stay in the know for all things film, television, LACS, and DTLA.