What’s better than one bad TV spot for a national brand to garner awareness and increase online participation? Three bad spots…and counting.

Los Angeles CA – We’ve all seen them. Those ridiculous infomercials that usually air in the wee hours of the morning, making a seemingly easy task next to impossible to accomplish. Then they swoop in like magic with an amazing product that will solve all the problems you didn’t know you had. They are cheesy and awful, and yet we watch them.

Because deep down, some things are just so bad you can’t take your eyes off them.

The inspired minds at Dreamentia Creative Laboratories found opportunity in these awesomely bad commercials. Dreamentia recently completed production of the third in a series of intentionally poorly produced parody commercials for the online survey site BigSpot.com. BigSpot.com was created in 2008 by parent company Offerwise (based in Auburn, Virginia) to connect people with the best market research companies around the world; companies that depend on consumer opinions to help shape their future product development and services. BigSpot.com directs customers to various survey portals where they can share their opinions, and get paid for it.

“The client wanted something that would poke fun at itself and give the viewer that, ‘what just happened?!?’ reaction, in 30 seconds,” explained Dreamentia Sr. Account Executive, Jameca Lyttle. “We were all too happy to oblige.”

Some pretty awful storylines, acting, and special effects were all at the forefront of what would become a trio of over the top, intentionally bad, and (hopefully) humorous spots, each centered around a particularly bad idea for a product.

The two spots Dreamentia created previously for BigSpot, “Flavatime” and “Carmsleeve,” both aired during primetime and late night hours on the likes of networks such as MTV, VH1, Spike, and Bravo. Viral numbers surged with YouTube views reaching close to half a million (and still counting).

These bad-in-a-good-way commercials have really resonated with viewers, and as an added bonus, many have made official petitions to have the fictitious products created – in real life.

Sproutz, the latest addition to the BigSpot.com campaign, follows in the awesome bad tradition of its predecessors:

It’s a common problem. Kids are always complaining that their breakfast cereal is just too sweet. Well not to worry kids, Sargent Sproutz is here to save the day. Sproutz – as in Brussels sprouts. Yum! What kid doesn’t love Brussels sprouts? It’s Sargent Sproutz to the rescue of all those overly sweetened breakfast tables that plague your child’s cereal bowls every day.

“BigSpot.com’s shoots are always a great time, as it’s not often we set out to create something so bad” added Lyttle. “The icing on the cake is when we see people really interested in purchasing the outlandish products we come up with – asking where they can get a Carmsleeve for themselves, or if there’s a Flavatime watch available with soy sauce. That’s when we know we’ve done our job well.”

In fact, the Sproutz spot has apparently hit a nerve on YouTube, with almost a quarter million views, and reviews such as:

“This looks like a weird dream. Like something your mind makes up when you are sleeping, because you are subconsciously thinking about the bowl of cereal you had before you went to bed. And the Sproutz guy is like the subconscious memory of a character from some kids show you saw your young sibling watch.”

Our work here is done. Until the next bad spot, of course.

To learn more about getting paid for your opinions, check out BigSpot online at BigSpot.com.