Dreamentia begins design and development on the long overdue, heavily anticipated, and desperately needed Ringorang mobile app.

GLENDALE, CA – What goes around comes around for Ringorang. Originally conceived as a mobile game before evolving into a web-based application for its beta phase, the fast-growing trivia game finally has the mobile platform in its sights. And Vergence Entertainment, the game’s creator, couldn’t be happier.

Thanks to Apple’s push technology, Ringorang finally has the feature it needs to be fully integrated into the handheld device.

Push technology is a style of Internet-based communication that uses a signal to wake up subscribed cell phones simultaneously. The signal will unlock the iPhone with a screen that gives players the option to play or pass.

The secret to Ringorang, the 24-hour trivia game that plays you five days a week, is Vergence Entertainment’s proprietary R-TIME technology. R-TIME (Real-Time Immediated Mass Engagement) enables Ringorang to send a question in real time to everyone who’s subscribed to the Ringoverse, allowing Ringorang to play its players’ once, arbitrarily, every hour throughout the day.

Ringorang currently rewards its players with dallions, the game’s currency, with which they can redeem for prizes. The game’s contests drive engagement and commerce – anywhere, anytime – across mobile, web, desktop, video and ultimately television.

As a payoff, the highest scorer of each week wins a prize, while the top ten finishers are rewarded with coveted Ringorang swag.

“Ringorang is the only game of its kind with pioneered technology that literally grabs its players and engages them in trivia randomly throughout the day,” said Brandi Sweeney, Account Executive at Dreamentia Creative Laboratories. “Imagine a social platform that changes the way the world plays, because Ringorang is a 24/7 global community where the game actually plays YOU – and everyone else – in real time. And it will soon be able to find you on your mobile device as well as your desktop app – giving you mere seconds to answer a trivia question. Just imagine where you could be the next time Ringorang comes a-ringing.”

Dreamentia, a Los Angeles-based advertising agency, has been one of Ringorang’s key contributors since its early stages. Along with helping to conceptualize and then designing the various themed games, Dreamentia has become a pivotal player in Ringorang’s overall development, from crafting gameplay to building revenue streams and constructing graphical presentations to help sell the revolutionary concept to potential new brand partners.

“I’ve really found Ringorang to be a quite addictive trivia game,” said über-player extraordinaire, Justin Barr. “The design is beautiful and it runs super smooth and bug free for a beta. I’m looking forward to seeing the improvements and updates made throughout the upcoming weeks.

“It does ‘play me,’ though,” he continued. “And I do find myself shifting things around in real life to make sure I keep my lead – which is fun for now, but I’m sure it will start pissing family and friends off soon…which happens to be the reason I had to stop playing Guild Wars and couldn’t let myself begin to enjoy WoW. But I see myself continuing to play this … and it’s absolutely a no-brainer that I’d play once they get a sweet iPhone app.”

According to Sweeney, that was the plan all along.

“When Vergence first developed the business model for Ringorang,” Sweeney continued, “the plan was to launch the game on cell phones, making it convenient for players to access the game whenever it so chooses to play.”

But once it was discovered that iPhones prevented the game from working properly, due to the lack of push technology, Vergence Entertainment was forced to sit on its hands until the iPhone’s technology could evolve.

Now, with Apple unveiling its future plans to incorporate technology of this magnitude, Vergence Entertainment’s vision for Ringorang can finally come to fruition. Which is a huge step for the Ringoverse.

To learn more, join the Ringoverse at www.Ringorang.com