reVITAivLIFE is already receiving a healthy dose of marketing medicine from its new agency of record, Dreamentia.

reVITAivLIFE, an IV Nutritional Therapy option for health-conscious Angelenos, will prove to be a “can’t live without” resource in the years to come.

It’s a rare occasion when the office phone rings and the person on the other end can hardly contain their excitement about their newest and proudest venture – all ears to know how we can help get the marketing exposure it will need. That’s exactly what happened when Marie K. Tatoyan, JD, founder of reVITAivLIFE, and Sr. Account Executive, Jameca Lyttle, came together to discuss taking her budding brand, reVITAivLIFE, to new heights.

reVITAivLIFE is a new IV vitamin therapy company, catering to health and fitness aficionados, frequent travelers, and vitamin enthusiasts via customized and specialized solutions administered to patients in the comfort of their own home. And as of May 1, 2014, they chose Dreamentia as their official agency of record.

Tatoyan states, “IV vitamin and nutritional therapy is the superior method of getting the vitamins you need because it bypasses the G.I. tract and is administered directly into the bloodstream, allowing it to be 100% absorbed.  When taken orally, we only actually absorb a very small percentage of the given vitamin because of poor gut absorption. The IV Method is the only way to get the highest concentrated amount of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients needed to be clinically effective.”

ivBEAUTY: reVITAivLIFETatoyan is very clear that proper health is the #1 priority for those who are interested in using her product. “reVITAivLIFE firmly believes that health is the foundation of a life well lived. It supersedes all else. We’ve heard it time and again, the body is our temple, it is our home…. We must take care of our home. It is only when the body, the mind, and the soul are aligned that we can truly live our greatest potential.  Just as yoga, working out, and juicing/detoxing are important components of a healthy lifestyle, IV vitamin and nutritional therapy is the crucial missing link to achieving true balance, healing, vitality, and all around well being because nutrition is the basis for life. Not a passing fad or trend, IV vitamin and nutritional therapy is an integral part of a healthy routine and the key to unlocking a life well lived.”

reVITAivLIFE is backed by Medical Director and seasoned General Surgeon, Dr. Krikor B. Tatoyan, MD.  Dr. Tatoyan is a highly respected authority in the field of General and Laparoscopic Surgery and is a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. “Years of innovative science and research, along with thousands of case studies, reveal just how exceptionally powerful IV vitamin and nutritional therapy, can be,” states Tatoyan.

Lyttle adds, “Substantial effort has gone into getting this into the Los Angeles market. With the health benefits and current popularity of juicing, reVITAivLIFE presents an alternative that doesn’t include any calories and provides an instant ‘boost’ of vitality. Whether you’re experiencing fatigue from a long flight or on a serious fitness regimen that requires healthy detoxing, reVITAivLIFE is the first mobile IV alternative here in Los Angeles. We’re very excited to take things to the next level and to see just how successful this brand can become.”

That next level includes creating a brand identity for reVITAivLIFE from the ground up. “It’s always a wonderful opportunity to be a part of the exploratory process,” continued Lyttle, “from the logo development to the color palette to the overarching brand personality. We’re all hands on deck here.”

Phase I of reVITAivLIFE’s marketing efforts include a complete brand identity, website development, social media marketing, as well as email list-building and roll-out campaigns. Vehicle wraps, community partnerships, events & parties, and seasonal solutions will follow in Phase II.

“It’s going to be an exciting ride for reVITAivLIFE, and we couldn’t be happier to be a part of the journey,” gushed Lyttle.

What better time and place to get things moving than the summer here in Los Angeles?

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