Hailed from Coast-to-Coast as the greatest chicken on the planet, Zankou Chicken prepares for a really big birthday.

After nearly half a century of providing legendary Mediterranean cuisine to Southern California, Zankou Chicken is preparing to celebrate its semicentennial with style, and Dreamentia is excited to help them spread the word.

The first Zankou Chicken opened in 1962 in the heart of Beirut, Lebanon by Vartkes Iskenderian and his family. The mission was and has remained simple – to share their secret and delicious Mediterranean family recipes with the community.

Zankou Chicken Social Media Ad-CardboardAnd so it was no surprise when that same mission and those delicious recipes were a universal hit as the family moved to the City of Angels in 1984 and methodically opened Zankou Chicken restaurants in 8 locations throughout southern California. It wasn’t long before the healthy and tasty homemade dishes made the restaurant a household name amongst SoCal foodies, health-food seekers and Mediterranean cuisine lovers.

Coined by the LA Times as the “Tastiest Chicken Ever”, Zankou has continued to gain recognition with amazingly good food and uplifting support from its strong cult like following. And as it has been from the beginning, their food is still 100% natural, still prepared fresh every day in their kitchens, and they still never use cans, freezers, microwave ovens, preservatives, or artificial ingredients. More importantly, the selections are still very affordable.

And with its 50 year Anniversary just around the bend, DCL, as Zankou Chicken’s ad agency, was tasked by the Iskenderian family to not only commemorate the brand, but to play a role in the strategic development for the future of Zankou Chicken.

With previous creative projects under its belt for the brand, Dreamentia has now taken on the challenge of molding a deep rooted, traditional brand into the future, while still maintaining the strong historical and family-focused foundation in which it was built.

“The family wanted to take this important milestone and use it as a gateway to the future for the company,” said Jameca Lyttle, Dreamentia Account Coordinator. “And with the many new creative ventures we’ve been tasked with – running the gamut from updating the iconic logo, to cups, bags, menus, tray liners, in-store posters and signage for all of the various locations – not to mention a new social media presence all around – this campaign is going to be huge, and should prove to be a gigantic leap into the next 50 years for Zankou.”

Here’s to the Legend living on for another 50 years.