Pig.com aims to bring home the bacon with a test campaign to spread the cash-back joy of shopping over the holidays.

ASHBURN, VA & LOS ANGELES, CA — Pig.com, a newly launched rebate-style web portal, has hog-tied their national advertising account to Dreamentia Creative Laboratories, in downtown Los Angeles. For Pig.com, this is their first foray into broadcast television advertising, which will be packaged with both traditional and online programs in an aggressive marketing campaign to announce the new service and monitor it for viability in a market that is heavily dominated by other well-known and respected national brands.

Created by Offerwise, a leading marketing company focused on panel recruitment and survey sampling within the consumer research industry, Pig.com has been designed to offer online consumers cash-back when they shop via their website, and will be directly competing with Ebates.com – the category’s juggernaut. Through Pig.com, customers will earn cash back as they shop from hundreds of online stores, with their monthly savings deposited into their Pig.com piggy bank. At the end of every month, piggy banks empty into the form checks, mailed and payable to Pig.com members.

For Dreamentia, the company spokesman for the newly developed creative seemed like a no-brainer.

“Sometimes the obvious is the best way to go,” said Dreamentia CCO Jim Olen, “and in this case, the brand essence was staring us in the face – literally. So it only made sense to make the Pig the star of the spots – and of the brand overall. ‘The Pig Pays Big’ quickly became our brand mantra, and from there, the creative just took off.”

To that end, Dreamentia created two 30-second spots featuring the brand’s pink-faced namesake, front and center, and enlisted Downtown Los Angeles production company, Psychic Bunny, to help bring them to life. Self-described as a hybrid production, motion design, and interactive studio, Psychic Bunny and Director Doug Spice brought all of the pieces to the table that the creative required, including the wrangling of the spots’ squealing star in both live-action and CGI form.

“We are thrilled to be able to help Offerwise test the waters of the online rebate category with Pig.com,” said DCL’s Director of Account Services, Brandi Sweeney. “And it’s an incredibly exciting project to dig our hooves into. Because while consumers are always looking to save money in any way possible – it’s in their DNA for heaven’s sake – educating and enlightening them on a new viable cash-back option to the incredibly well established Ebates will nevertheless be quite a challenge, savings or no savings. In a situation like this, immediate name recognition, underlying trust and a rewarding user experience will each be equally important.”

The test run of Pig.com has already begun, as the service officially launched to membership in August 2010, and both television spots are now airing on national cable networks – just in time for the holiday season.